Cruising over to the ATL, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort showed some love to their fans with a premiere and Q&A session for “The Fault in Our Stars” last night (June 5).

The “Descendants” actress and the “Carrie” stud had a blast at the Hollywood Regal Theater and Ms. Woodley even got misty during a performance from Nat & Alex.

Prior to the production of “The Fault in Our Stars,” Shailene sent the novel’s author John Green a passionate note begging him to make the film.

“I didn’t say I needed to be Hazel. I said I needed this movie to get made. Because I knew that it would change the lives of millions of people.”

She continued, “In ‘Fault,’ I am trying to rewrite what a female lead can look like. You’ve never seen a woman on the poster for a movie with a cannula in her nose.”

Green added, “The letter was extremely long, like 40 pages long, and … I didn’t technically know who Shailene Woodley was. So I just responded like, ‘That’s such a lovely e-mail! Thank you so much! But I am not a casting director.’ And then when I saw her audition, of course I was horrified that I had not written her back and said, like, ‘Please! Please! Be in our movie!'”