e0ouheeSelena Gomez has revealed she would love to work with Cheryl Cole, describing the Girls Aloud star as a “modern Britney Spears”.

The Wizards Of Waverly Place actress-singer is a fan of Cheryl’s solo music, including her current hit Promise This.

“My dream would be to work with Cheryl Cole – I love her, and would love to work with her,” she said.

“Her songs are amazing, they are so much fun. They almost remind me of a modern Britney Spears, because they’re like the new generation of Hit Me Baby One More Time. Rain On Me and Stand Up are my two favourites.”

Selena, whose second album A Year Without Rain is out now, heaped praise on the X Factor judge.

“She’s very beautiful and she has this appeal to her that to guys can be sexy but to girls, can be classy – I like that. She’s been through a lot, and I can see that she carries herself with a lot of grace, so I look up to her,” she continued.

Also on the 18-year-old’s wishlist are Brit songstresses Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding.

“I love Pixie very much. I love love love Cry Me Out, she’s got such an amazing voice. I like Ellie Goulding too,” she added.

Asked if she would like to appear on The X Factor, Selena said: “I’ve always wanted to be on the show but I’ve never been approached, so I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. But I would love to. I love The X Factor. I watch it in the US through YouTube.”