Justin Bieber is NOT on Selena Gomez’s radar! He’s done some rather erratic things since the PDA pics of Sel and Orlando Bloom surfaced, but she isn’t paying any attention to JB’s odd behavior. Find out why with our EXCLUSIVE details right here!

Is Selena Gomez finally done with Justin Bieber once and for all? Not only was the 23-year-old singer caught getting intimate with Orlando Bloom, but Sel apparently doesn’t care about anything the Biebs does anymore — even if it’s unusual JB behavior. While Justin, 22, has been lashing out a bit since Selena and Orlando’s PDA pics were made public, Selena hasn’t even been phased!


“As much as Selena feels bad for him and wants to swoop in and make him feel better, whenever she does that she’s the one that ends up getting hurt,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Right now she is trying to ignore him and trying to show him that she’s moving on with her life and doesn’t care.”

Ouch, sounds like Justin is getting the silent treatment from Selena in a time when he might need her most! The same day the pictures of Sel and Orlando surfaced, Justin was seen walking around Boston by himself totally barefoot, which seemed a little weird for a huge pop star like him. Then hours after that, he declared on Instagram that he’s “done taking pictures” with fans because he feels like a “zoo animal.” As if these two actions aren’t enough to make fans think that something might be up, he completely broke down on stage just one day before that!

While Beliebers may have struggled to figure out what was triggering JB’s erratic behavior all of the sudden, Selena likely knew that it was a result of her supposed PDA with Orly. It’s still unclear if Selena and Orlando were actually making out in the pics, but regardless, they were getting nice and cozy with each other — and it’s never fun to see an ex with someone else!

What makes the whole situation even more tough for Justin to bear is that he could’ve possibly been in Orlando’s position. Sel and Orly were spotted getting intimate after the opening night of her Revival tour in Las Vegas, and if Justin had just gone to that show, he may have been the one getting lucky! Maybe all of his erratic behavior is out of jealousy? Either way, Selena isn’t concerned!

As harsh as it may sound for Selena to leave Justin in the dark, Selena did just reveal that she doesn’t trust anyone since her relationship with Justin, so clearly he hasn’t had the most positive impact on her. She may just be giving him a taste of his own medicine! If Justin doesn’t want to be ignored anymore, maybe he should go to one of her concerts and see what happens from there…or just stop acting so strange!

Do you think it’s fair for Selena to ignore Justin, Hollywood Lifers? What do you think about Justin’s behavior lately? Tell us below!