It’s hard to find an honest and reliable gal pal in Tinseltown, and it looks as if Demi Lovato has kicked Selena Gomez out of her circle of trust.

The “Heart Attack” songstress un-followed Ms. Gomez on Twitter earlier this week and posted a cryptic tweet that was later deleted.

In the secret message, Demi wrote, “Swimming away from the bullsh*t bye b*tch,” though she’s since taken it down.

This isn’t the first time the “Sonny with a Chance” chick and the “Come and Get It” singer have hit rocky ground. Last spring, Selena told Seventeen magazine, “I’ve known her since we were 7, and we did fall apart for a while. She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing. I processed it saying, ‘OK, I don’t understand what she’s going through so I’m just going to do this.’ I don’t think it was fair. I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now.”