Producers of the forthcoming SEX AND THE CITY sequel have been forced to search for a new location for the movie after they were denied permission to film in the conservative United Arab Emirates. The hit TV show and subsequent big screen adaptation were both set in New York, but bosses behind the film follow-up wanted to include scenes set in the glitzy Middle Eastern city of Dubai.

Filmmakers had to turn over a copy of the script to authorities in the strict Muslim nation prior to production, enabling them to review “by taking in consideration the multi-cultural fabric of the society and its perceptions.” But government officials have taken a dislike to the planned work and have refused them access to shoot in Dubai, according to local newspaper The National. Earlier reports had suggested authorities in the country were not keen on having the word ‘sex’ in the title.

Studio bosses are hoping the “Sex and the City” sequel will emulate the huge success of the original movie, which earned $401 million (£273 million) at the worldwide box office. The big screen adaptation of the hit TV show, which starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, was banned in the United Arab Emirates when it was released last year (08).