Mother’s Day is finally here and it’s time to give your mom’s a hug while celebrating all of her wonderful accomplishments, which happen to include giving birth to you!

If you’re a procrastinator and still have to pick up the perfect card to show your momma how much you care, you can now get help from Sarah Jessica Parker.

The “Sex and the City” star teamed up with Hallmark for a signature greeting card collection for Mother’s Day, which is available at the brand’s Gold Crown stores.

“Mother’s Day reminds us to recognize and celebrate the women who love us unconditionally and support us through life’s ups and downs – not just our own mothers, but also our sisters, friends and anyone else who’s touched our lives in a meaningful way. It makes me very happy to think that the Hallmark cards I had a hand in creating will bring joy to all types of ‘moms’ this Mother’s Day,” SJP explained.

Her collection includes 12 cards for the holiday, featuring rich paper stocks with unique combinations of patterns, illustrations, photography and calligraphy.