Sandra Bullock’s mother told her not to get married. ‘The Proposal” actress – who was largely single until she wed motorbike enthusiast Jesse James in 2005 – was warned off married life by her late mother Helga Meyer, who told her she should focus on her acting career instead. She revealed, “Believe me, my mother was like, ‘Don’t marry. Have a career.'”

However, the 44-year-old star – who had previously dated musician Bob Schneider, and actors Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling – adored single life because she loved her own company. She explained to Britain’s The Times newspaper, “I’m one of those people who are very good at being alone. All I wanted in my life was what I was doing at that time. Whether I was in a wonderful relationship or not, my priority was my work. When I wasn’t responsible for anyone else but me I had a wonderful, wonderful time. But there were those people going, ‘Aren’t you missing out?” and you do stop for a second. And then you go, “I cannot believe they made me doubt myself.'”