rooney-maraShe’s one of the most-talked-about stars in Tinseltown as of late, and  Rooney Mara looks exquisite on the cover of Vanity Fair’s new Hollywood Issue.

The “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” actress sports a muted pink satin dress and bangy cropped black coif on the cover shot, posing alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastian, and Mia Wasikowska.

During her on-set interview, Rooney shared that her taste in film isn’t usually satisfied by the mainstream entertainment industry.

“Most of the actors I admire the most don’t get that much press, but on purpose. I think usually throughout the year, some of the best performances are sort of the ones that are under the radar. I usually think the most interesting work is the work that is not viewed by the masses.”

And when asked if there’s one movie that she’ll always watch if it’s on TV, Rooney confessed, “Zoolander.”