harry-kimberly-051913spDespite efforts to keep things under wrap, Rod Stewart spilled the beans on rumors that his daughter Kimberly is dating Harry Styles.

In an interview with Alan Carr, the “Forever Young” crooner was asked about the One Directioner spending the night at his L.A. mansion.

Initially playing the diplomat, the 68-year-old singer replied, “Oh that would be telling, I can’t tell you that. Well his car was there in the morning put it that way. But he may have just come round to pick something up, I don’t know. He’s a lovely fella – oh bollocks, I’ve let the cat out of the bag now! He was actually round for dinner last night, he’s a lovely guy.”

Though Kimberly is 33 and Harry only 19, Rod is unlikely to raise eyebrows, as his wife Penny Lancaster is only 42.