Well, they’re staying in the same hotel, so use your imagination. Which means it looks like Chris Brown is going to have plenty of occasions to wear his diamond “Oops” pendant. Both Chris and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna checked into New York’s Trump Tower hotel separately on Friday night. On the other hand, the restraining order written into his plea agreement for assault against Rihanna requires him to stay 50 yards away, so if he’s overcome with the desire to slap someone, he’s gonna have to find another target. Chris won’t even be formally sentenced until August 5, but unfortunately for the poor prisoner who’s singing “Somewhere Out There” and holding onto hope that someday he will make Chris Brown his prison wife, no one saw Chris breaking his probation Friday night. Chris went to a movie with friends, and Rihanna left two hours later to go out for fancy dinner at Philippe with an entourage of at least seven. Chris checked out of Trump Tower on Saturday, and according to a friend, it was because Rihanna had checked in. So it was all one big crazy coincidence, much like every episode of Three’s Company that you’ve ever seen. But despite any scripted apologies you may have seen on YouTube this week, Chris hasn’t acted that apologetically over this whole career-ruining incident, aside from that time he looked deep inside himself and went Jet Skiing. And since Chris has already gotten away with pounding Rihanna in the face like a superpsychopath this year, feel free to go ahead and assume he was stalking. Rihanna, meanwhile, has been linked to yet another new man. She brought blonde pin-up Mr. Hudson to the premiere of Inglourius Basterds in London, England, on Tuesday, reports the London Mirror. Mr. Hudson sings on Kanye West’s “Paranoid;” Rihanna is in the video. Their date sounds pretty PG, although Rihanna did lead Mr. Hudson by the hand to meet Quentin Tarantino. Quentin then went on to bore their ears off with advice for Rihanna about breaking into movies. Rihanna in the movies? Thanks a lot, Quentin. Maybe he should be the one with the Oops necklace. What’s new with Rihanna and Chris Brown? Not much it seems.