The “Umbrella” singer – who is rumored to have been dating Aubrey “Drake” Graham for two months – was seen canoodling with the upcoming Canadian rapper at a premiere after-party for new movie “Year One” at New York’s Empire Hotel on Monday (June 15, 2009).
Rihanna – who was allegedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown – barely left the 22-year-old’s side as they flirted and frolicked at the bash before heading to the VIP section of nearby nightclub Greenhouse.
A source said: “They were attached at the hip. They were definitely together, but really trying to be discreet.”
Actor-and-musician Drake – who has been dubbed the latest Lil Wayne protegee – is expected to release his first studio album, “Thank Me Later,” in the coming months.
Meanwhile, Rihanna’s neighbors have spoken out in her defense after it was revealed she is being sued by the man living next-door to her in Los Angeles.
One local homeowner insists the 21-year-old pop star is a great neighbor in comparison to previous residents. They said: “Several years ago it had squatters living there and it became a real party house with people coming from all over Los Angeles.”
“But after they were kicked out it became really quiet again and Rihanna hasn’t caused any real problems. There have been a few parties there in the past month but nothing really so bad that people would file a lawsuit.”
Another resident added: “She is a good neighbor!”
Christian Moeller has started legal proceedings against the 21-year-old starlet for reportedly allowing cars to drive over his estate and abandoning vehicles on his lawn.
He is seeking unspecified damages for invasion of privacy, trespass, legal expenses and the revocation of a former agreement.
Rihanna rents her home from Stephen Yacobian, who is also named in the lawsuit.