This week, a couple of tracks supposedly off Mary J. Blige’s upcoming album leaked on to the Internet. One track particularly stands out – but not for the right reasons.

The demo, “Stronger,” features Mary J. singing about working through a tough relationship, over the random interjections of a Mr. Chris Brown. Yes, the same Chris Brown who stands accused of assaulting his former lady love, pop songstress Rihanna.

As Tracie of Jezebel points out, the song is produced by Polow Da Don – the same producer who said he was working on a duet with Rihanna and Chris Brown during their brief reconciliation. Chances are good that this was the song they planned to release together.

While Ms. Blige is free to collaborate with whomever she chooses, it’s a bit strange and unsettling that she’s one of the first artists to team up with Chris Brown in the aftermath of his alleged attack. Mary was once the victim of domestic abuse: she has spoken publicly about the destructive relationship she endured for six years (with K-Ci of K-Ci and JoJo and Jodeci). Rich of Four Four put it best:

It’s nauseating to hear Mary share space with this guy, much less on a song about triumphing over obstacles, when one of Mary’s very public obstacles has been abuse by the hand of, wouldn’t you know, a pop singer!…Even if this collaboration is some sort of conscious move, a public act for forgiveness from the abused to the abuser, you’d think she’d at least wait till Brown’s trial was over to side with him.