It was announced over the weekend that actress Reese Witherspoon would tour Australia later this year as part of a speaking tour.


And fans can expect to fork out almost $2000 (US$1,500) if they wish to sit in the same room as the 39-year-old Hollywood star.

Tickets for the exclusive Simpatico Conference, which set to be held in July, start at a minimum of $1997 per person.

If individuals are wishing to receive the ‘VIP treatment’, which includes a photo with Reese, they can expect to pay $2997 as of May 1.


According to an official statement released on Sunday: ”͞The Simpatico Conference goes across two days and will be inspirational, aspirational and educational in its content.’

The conference’s managing director Jacqueline Nagle said: ‘Reese Witherspoon embodies the philosophy of The Simpatico Conference. She is talented, intelligent, passionate, diverse and committed to making a difference.

‘She’s producing films with strong female roles and earning Oscar nods, she’s successfully launched a deeply personal retail range, and she is an advocate for Girls Inc. and their commitment to helping young women become entrepreneurs.’

The evening will visit major cities across Australia and New Zealand including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.


On the official conference website, mother-of-three Reese has offered a quote ahead of her appearance Down Under.

She said: ‘What would happen if we were all brave enough to be a little more ambitious? I think the world would change’.

Ticket information for Reese’s appearances Down Under is available at