Rachel McAdams’s films never live up to her expectations. The 30-year-old actress dislikes seeing herself on the big screen as she never feels the finished product does justice to the amount of work she has put in. She explained, “I wish I could just step back and watch a film I’m in and be carried away. But what I see on the screen never encapsulates the experience – that hour and a half never sums up the shooting of it and the relationships you made and the trials and tribulations. So I always am left with a sense of longing. I’m always happy with what’s there and I’m so excited when it all comes together. But it’s never representative of the whole package.”

Rachel plays Irene Adler in Guy Richie’s new movie “Sherlock Holmes” – in which Robert Downey Jr. plays the famous detective – which is due to be released in December, and admits she loved getting to grips with the role. She explained to parade.com, “I play a woman who is really her own boss and a real free spirit. The costumes were fabulous. I’m such a girly-girl, so I was in heaven just being dressed in all these great gowns and things. Then there were the corsets. I would try to push my stomach out when they were coming to strap me in, so I could get a little more breathing room. Their trick was to make me laugh and then they’d tighten me up. I admit breathing properly was a problem. But it was so much fun to be that authentic.”