Okay, so maybe at 39 Rachel Hunter doesn’t look as fresh faced and glamorous as she did in this photo, but she certainly is no swamp donkey, so what makes this beefed up Canadian hockey player think he can do any better?

As obviously Jarrett Stoll does!

If the news coming out of the Hunter camp is true, the 27 year old sports man has called off the couple’s wedding just seven weeks before their planned nuptials.

A friend of the model told The Sun, ‘She is absolutely devastated. Everything was in place for their wedding – she had the venue, the designer dress, the guest list.
She has absolutely no idea why Jarret has done this. It sounds like it could be a classic case of cold feet. He is a fair bit younger than her.’

The blonde former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Rachel, has revealed that her friends and family were informed by an email from Stoll confirming his change of mind as to his desire to marry one of the world’s most beautiful women.

August 14th was the day that had been planned for the lavish affair which was to be attended by Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and also New Zealand born Rachel’s two children, Renee, 17, and Liam, 14.

Despite being a world famous supermodel and actress, Rachel hasn’t enjoyed the same success in the love and marriage stakes as she has on the cat walk, after divorcing Rod Stewart following a nine year marriage which later saw him marrying yet another beauty Penny Lancaster in 2008, Rachel has had a string of romantic disappointments.