Ever since Paula Abdul announced that she was leaving “American Idol,” rumors have been swirling about what she’ll do next, an why she really left. It’s quickly become apparent that Paula Abdul won’t be unemployed for long as offers have been rolling in from both ABC and NBC. As for why she wasn’t given the “American Idol” pay raise she felt she deserved? It seems producers had grown weary of dealing with a not-fully committed Abdul.

According to a new in-depth article in the New York Times, Paula Abdul felt under-appreciated for years and had grown tired of constant jokes about her having substance abuse problems – jokes which she believes cost her endorsement deals. Abdul was reportedly sick and tired of nobody at “Idol” standing up for her. Meanwhile the folks at Fox believed that despite Abdul’s “histrionics” (which we guess means her constant blubbering and gushing) being valuable to the show, they weren’t so valuable that they couldn’t do without them once Paula Abdul started asking for more money.

A source involved with the negotiations that spoke to the New York Times explained, “Paula didn’t place as much importance on remaining on the show as some other people did. She thinks there are a lot of opportunities out there for her, and she will be fine without that show.” Another source close to the negotiations added, “A lot of people at Fox had mixed feelings about Paula. Some of the people who were having to deal with her on a day-to-day basis didn’t want her back.”

As previously reported, Paula Abdul was also shocked at the incredible pay-raises that Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest were offered and she believed there was something sexist about them being offered those raises when she was overlooked. Also, no matter how much Kara DioGuardi and Abdul try and spin their working-relationship into something beautiful, Abdul was supposedly very suspicious when Kara came on board – she believed it meant she was replaceable.

Apparently, she had a reason to be suspicious.