He finished runner-up to King of the Jungle Joe Pasquale in 2004

Here we go! It is that time of the year where millions of us will settle down and watch the dynamic duo present one of the most popular shows on TV.

It is Ant and Dec at their very best.

It has been 12 years since I faced my last bushtucker trial but I can still taste those raw kangaroo testicles and can still hear Janet Street Porter’s voice screeching at me across the jungle camp fire.

It is bigger, more fierce and more competitive than ever.

Ant and Dec are back in the jungle


It’s time for another trip to camp

Each year the producers of IAC up the anti and we are all guessing what could possibly be served at this year’s bushtucker banquets.

How many more rude parts of an animal could there be…perhaps kangaroo or crocodile lady parts are on Ant and Dec’s next menu, served with a fine Chianti of course.

The Great British public are never hoodwinked, they know instinctively who is really scared and who is performing. After all, most of these celebrities have been performing one way or another for a living.

It’s been 12 years since finishing runner-up in the jungle

We want them to squirm and scream and hate every minute of it. We want them to face their demons… but more importantly, we want them to entertain us… but who will entertain us the most?

Scarlett Moffatt is everyone’s clear favourite at this stage. She is down to earth, likeable, quick witted and queen of reality TV.

We have watched her grow up on Gogglebox but will she rise to the challenge… and why on earth did she go into the jungle wearing her dressing gown?

Living, eating, sleeping… and snoring… with this mixed bag of personalities isn’t easy. Deprived of every comfort and most of their senses at times, tempers will be fuelled and egos will explode.

I know all too well how difficult it is. I lost 2 stone in weight and was bitten by mosquitoes more than 200 times. The reward for all of that was to finish as runner up to Joe Pasquale!

The most frequent question I get asked is ‘Do you go to a hotel each evening?’ The answer is ‘Absolutely not!’


Natalie Appleton “touched a tree and squealed


This is the survival of the strongest will, you have to set your mind to it and believe you can do it… as did the 5 celebrities who walked the plank at the top of a 10 storey building. Huge respect to them, not something I think I could have done.

In my year, Brian Harvey couldn’t stand the flies and quit, Natalie Appleton touched a tree and squealed… This year’s personalities need to be made of stronger stuff.

Carol Vorderman has to be the most recognised name in this year’s show but it is not always the most famous who shine through.

Watch out for those at the back of the field, the rank outsiders who will remain quiet for the first week whilst they find their feet and let the professional performers entertain us.

Ola Jordan is a beautiful young woman and will no doubt be the first to shower showing us why she is in this year’s line up… and what about something for the ladies? Who is the most cockilicious?!