Does Paris Hilton have a knack for attracting blokes who can’t keep their gobs shut?

Because now Cristiano Ronaldo has had his say about his night with the socialite.

You’ll never believe what they got up to…

Ronaldo told The Sun: “She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking.

“I am a young man and Paris a young lady, and us talking in a club is just what normal people our age do.”

He went on to say: “She lives thousands of miles away and is busy, and I am busy in Madrid so I am not sure if we will be able to see each other.”

Oh, what a pity.

But who knew Paris was such a conversationalist, eh?

The pair were spied getting close at My House in LA last week, while La Hilton was on a night out with her sister, Nicky. Reports also said the pair went back to Nicky’s house to carry on the celebrations.

Personally we can’t foresee any complications to their (potentially) blossoming relationship.

Long distance relationships aren’t all that tough – especially when we’re sure Paz could hop aboard a private jet to visit Cris at the drop of a hat…