What an insult for one of the world’s reputedly most macho sportsmen, 24 year old Cristiano Ronaldo, to be referred to as a ‘sissy’ by Paris Hilton, a woman who has spent less time with him than it takes to work out a Rubik cube (well, maybe a few days longer for Ms Hilton).

But that appears to be the 28 year old heiress’s reasons for off loading the footballer who was recently valued at $80m as he was sent on his way from Manchester United, David Beckham’s former UK team, to Spain’s Real Madrid, where, being a sissy is pretty much a highly regarded quality in men who chase each other through the streets throwing copious amounts of tomatoes at one another in a practice that due to popular demand was given official recognition in 1959 provided all participants would respect the start and the end of tomato-throwing being announced with a banger. Hope they don’t get too upset at the noise!

So, now it appears that all that recent lip locking and snuggling being performed publicly by Hilton, who had only just dumped Doug Reinhardt, was just too much of a display of Ronaldo’s feminine side.