Spending the weekend together in Sin City,  Paris Hilton and  Doug Reinhardt made a stop at Rogue for a “DJ Hero” party on Sunday evening (August 30).

According to a source on the scene, Paris happily posed with the new video game hardware, which received design help from the late DJ AM, before the newly rekindled couple headed off to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an appearance.

In related news, the courts ruled earlier today that Miss Hilton “may pursue her lawsuit against Hallmark Cards over its use of her picture and catchphrase “That’s hot” on a greeting card.”

According to Reuters reports, Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain said “the basic setting is the same: we see Paris Hilton, born to privilege, working as a waitress.” He added that Paris “has at least some probability of prevailing on the merits before a trier of fact.”