Paris Hilton’s former manager Jason Moore is threatening to publish a tell-all book about the heiress…and while we’re sure it has all sorts of shocking content, at this point is it really anything about Paris that people haven’t already seen?

Moore has reportedly approached a number of publishers with his book, which he’s passing off as a “business” book about how he successfully made Paris a star. Come on buddy, if you’re going to put this trashy book out at least be man enough to admit that your book is basically just an attempt for you to get rich by spilling the sorts of personal secrets you were paid never to reveal.

According to the NY Daily News, in Moore’s pitch letters to publishers he states, “Jason will demonstrate how, for 10 years, he managed to save his mercurial client from disgrace by manipulating the media, and Paris herself.” The letter continues, “Paris was oftentimes her own worst enemy, making a sex tape with a former boyfriend, nursing hangovers during photo shoots, falling asleep everywhere, and getting thrown in jail for numerous driving violations. If Paris Hilton didn’t have Jason Moore pulling the strings, cleaning up her messes she could well have faded into oblivion.”

We haven’t known him long, but we’re already starting to wish that Jason Moore would “fade into oblivion.”

According to Moore, he never signed a confidentiality agreement and therefore his book is on the up-and-up. He’s calling the book, “Controlling Chaos.”

Said Moore, “She spent hours at a time posing in front of the mirror, nailing down the ideal position to create the perfect paparazzi photo. She wanted to become the kind of character that would land commercials, international endorsements, film and TV roles.” Well, she pulled it off, and we’ll probably never know how much she does or doesn’t have Jason Moore to thank for it…either way, now that he’s trying to sell this book, if he is owed a thank you, it’s never, ever going to come.