pamela01Pamela Anderson will speak at the Oxford Union about the “cruelty” of eating meat.

The former Baywatch star has launched a poster campaign for animal rights group Peta in which she wears just a bikini, with her body parts marked to mimic a butcher’s diagram.

Her flesh is labelled as “breast”, “rump” and “leg”, and the caption reads “All animals have the same parts. Have a heart – go vegetarian”.

Pam said her talk at Oxford University would begin with a vegetarian campaign video.

She said: “We’re going to talk about vegetarianism, starting with the Glass Walls documentary that Paul McCartney narrated.

“Then we’re going to talk about all the environmental issues, the moral issues, how it’s better for your health.”

Pamela will appear at the Oxford Union alongside Dan Mathews, Peta vice-president.

The glamour model said: “The biggest issue that I like to talk about is the cruelty that goes into killing animals for slaughter.

“I want to talk about the flesh part of it all, so we thought this would be a great parody – the butcher ad and being in a bikini – drawing attention to it and realising that we all have the same parts.”