evangeline_lillyLOST is widely thought to have become a hit for two reasons: a twisting, confounding plot and an often-moist Evangeline Lilly.

After LOST debuted, Lilly immediately shot to the top of every list ever made to chart hotness, including Maxim’s (twice) and FHM’s. We guess she’s a pretty good actress too, since she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Of course, all the fanfare could be short lived. Lilly announced that after LOST is over, she intends to put her career on hold and become a humanitarian.

What Happened?

Now usually when an actress claims to be a “humanitarian,” it’s because her agent had to explain to her that “vegetarian” is no longer socially-conscious enough, and “planetarium” is a type of building, and therefore also out of the question. But becoming a humanitarian isn’t a stretch for Lilly. Before she was an actress, she was doing missionary work in the Philippines. After declining a two-year post, she became a flight attendant with Air Canada.

Things, however, changed one day when she was walking around Kelowna, British Columbia, and was spotted by a scout for the Ford modeling agency. She almost declined, but decided she needed the money to pay for school. While not actually doing any modeling for the company, she did do some acting for them.


Sexy Latina babe Eva Mendes puts on her sexiest face for Allure magazine and forgets to wear a bra under that white see-through shirt and I like it. There’s not much Eva can do without looking sexy, she’s a babe and I love hot Latina women. Being a Latin woman myself, I know first hand that Latina chicks have the most fun… until you piss them off and you might as well flee the country.

katy-perryOn her worst job she ever had:

“I worked at this place called Taxi, Taxi Music, where I would sit with headphones and a computer, and I would listen to music that people would send in from all around the country so they could get a critique on it and how to make it in the music industry. So you have to imagine how depressed I was after not making it in LA after five years, knowing everyone in the music industry couldn’t get a break, and sitting in this cubicle, listening to the worst music I’ve ever heard. I would tell these people ‘Well you have to change these chords’ or ‘This is how you contact a record label.’ And I was just like, I cannot give these people hope. I had no hope [myself.]”

On what the record labels thought of her:

“They wanted me to be like someone else who was popular at the time, like Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson. No offense to them at all, because they have their own lane, but I desperately wanted my own lane. It took five years to convince people to let me do it.”

On what her life was like before she made it big:

“It was five years of living in L.A. with no money, writing bad checks, selling my clothes to make rent, borrowing money. Just trying to keep up with the Joneses. It was super-draining, but I knew inside it was going to happen. I was at least going to get my chance. I always say, ‘Step up to the plate and swing.’ It was up to me If I was going to hit that ball and run.”

On being a role model:

“I think that [Miley (Cyrus) and the Jonas Brothers] set out to be role models, and I think, I at least hope they know what they’re doing. Because once you say you’re a role model, you’re under a microscope and everyone is waiting and watching for you to do something, you know? And then there’s this big pointing-of-the-finger thing. I mean, they have purpose being role models and having the promise ring thing. But it’s not for everyone.”


I’m not sure if anyone ever really bought Angelina Jolie’s bit about keeping her hands off of Brad Pitt before he had separated from Jennifer Aniston.  I didn’t.  And now here’s further proof that Jolie was set on getting the goods during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where she first met Pitt.

According to a source who was on the set of the film, Jolie certainly didn’t keep her hands, or other body parts, to herself. “In a main love scene, Brad and Angelina would both wear flesh-colored underwear,” the source told Usmagazine.com. “But in the end, she shunned the suit and climbed in bed with him naked! It’s the biggest thing we all remember from that film.”

And before I start getting a bunch of comments asking why I’m only coming down on Angie, I do think Brad had his part in this, too.  And that’s no pun.

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