Megan Fox Dons Sheer Dress In South Korea

Not to disappoint her Asian fans after appearing in a purple thigh-baring number in Tokyo yesterday, Megan Fox flaunted her body once again in South Korea. She showed up at the Seoul premiere of ‘Transformers 2’ in a body-hugging black dress with sheer panels. Fox continues to style herself in the image of Angelina Jolie, even though she thinks she is hotter.

The movie will open in theaters everywhere on June 24.


The Hangover’ premiered in London on Wednesday and Heather Graham’s male co-stars made up for the support her dress lacked.

Heather Graham is 37! I’m sorry to start with that fact I was just rather shocked when I read it. It makes sense when you look at her resume. She has been working now for 23 years.

Small roles in Twin Peaks and Swingers led to her breakout role in the porn saga Boogie Nights back in 1997. This was her Hollywood calling card and work in blockbusters Lost In Space and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me followed. She cemented her comedy credentials in Bowfinger and ermmm Say It Isn’t So. She was the cleanest Victorian prostitute ever in From Hell, gave an acclaimed recurring role in Scrubs and even had her own failed sitcom called Emily’s Reasons Why Not.

2007 sees her headlining her own romantic comedy, Gray Matters. Graham plays the titular character Gray who finds herself falling in love with her brother’s fiancé. Being involved in a love triangle with Tom Cavanagh and Bridget Moynahan doesn’t exactly sound like a tough day at the office but as Graham jokes, three can sometimes still be a crowd.


The bloom from the back of the TV SERIES Celebrity The Hills had a ‘happy ending’ to a wedding splendid sumptuous churches in Westminster, California, USA. Both the Strawberry Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were re fresh contented smiles when the grace of the couple. Heidi and Spencer with two photographic line marker.

Her parents are placed in churches, in accordance with a ceremony of wedding traditions:

“From the time children have become husband and wife” …

SPL95222_001Paris Hilton gets on a boat to leave her “secret” holiday island – as she reveals to her Twitter followers the location.

The heiress spent a week at a luxurious Caribbean beach resort with boyfriend Doug Reinhart.

But despite constantly updating her fans about it with messages and pictures on Twitter, she was keen to keep it a secret.

Now she has finally revealed the location – the Cap Juluca hotel in the island of Anguilla.

Hilton can be seen wearing a long dress and carrying a bag as she leaves the island on a boat, to catch a flight from neighbouring Sint Maarten.Moments after, she posted her own picture with Reinhart on the boat.

Hilton alerted her fans with the message “Now that were (sic) leaving, I can finally tell you where this secret island was – Anguilla, one of the most beautiful places on Earth!”

She then posted a picture with a sign saying Anguilla.

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