Taking her signature sound to Malaga,  Katy Perry was spotted performing at the CostaSol Festival last night (June 28).

The “Hot N Cold” hottie took the stage sporting an array of outfits as she played through her hit-filled set list as part of the festival’s star-studded lineup.

In related news, Miss Perry recently celebrated her recovery from influenza with a bathtime pizza treat, complete with a tweet.

While in Milan, Italy, Katy wrote on her Twitter page, “Why is it that after not eating for three days all I can think of is food…food is smiling at me… luring me with sexual seduction… I have no self control.” She subsequently posted a pic of her in a bathtub with a pizza on a tray.


Taking care of her household needs,  Ashley Greene was spotted dropping by Ralph’s grocery store to pick up a few items on Monday (June 29).

Dressed casually in a tank top and shorts, the “Twilight” cuties toted her bags of groceries while chatting it up on her phone as she headed to the car.

Meanwhile, Miss Greene chatted with E! Online over the weekend at the Vision awards, answering their question asking why she think fans either need Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart or her and Jackson Rathbone to be together, or need them to be apart.

To this, Ashley thoughtfully replied, “I think maybe part of it is the fans see that relationship onscreen and want it to be real, which is great for all of us to hear because at least we’re doing a good job portraying the fact that we’re absolutely enamored with each other. And of course, there’s real chemistry there. On the other extreme, it’s usually because they really just don’t like one of us!”


Enjoying the second all-time best 5-day domestic box-office gross since last year’s “The Dark Knight,” Paramount’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” has brought in an estimated $112 million dollars since its release Wednesday, giving the Shia LaBeouf/Megan Fox vehicle a worldwide cume of just over $387 million. The film was also able to give IMax theatres their best opening to date, bringing in a 5-day total of $14.4 million. The film’s total production budget is estimated at somewhere around $200 million.

Coming in a distant second this week, Disney’s “The Proposal” earned an additional $18.4 million for a ten-day international total of just under $75 million. The Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom-com narrowly beat out Warner Bros “The Hangover,” which added $17.2 million to its 4-week total for a combined domestic gross of $183.2 million. The Bradley Cooper comedy has so far grossed over $213.5 million worldwide.

Rounding out the week’s Top 5: Disney/Pixar’s “Up” continued to travel well above its estimated $175 million production budget, taking in $13 million for 4th place and bringing the animated comedy’s 5-week total to $285.5 million. In 5th place, Warner Bros Cameron Diaz Kleenex-fest “My Sister’s Keeper” debuted this weekend with a 3-day total of just over $12 million. Sorry guys, but little girls with cancer just ain’t gonna make it next to cars that turn into robots.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz set a new world record on U.S. TV on Friday (26Jun09) – for ‘snuggling in a hammock with bunnies’. Late Night host Jimmy Fallon squeezed 48 rabbits into a bed with the actress, which adjudicators ruled was a new record. As she wrestled with the rabbits, the excited star told Fallon, “I’m so excited. I’m snuggling with 48 bunnies, I think we have a world record here.”

During the odd segment of his show, Fallon also achieved the world record for drawing fake moustaches on strangers, by running around his show audience with a marker pen.

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