nicole-uma-052713spCelebrating the lucky few who came out on top, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman attended the Palme D’Or Winners dinner during the Cannes Film Festival at Agora on Sunday (May 15).

The “Kill Bill” star oozed glamor in a black sleeveless sparkling gown with her hair neatly combed to the side.

Meanwhile, the Aussie Cannes jury member wore a gorgeous strapless Georgio Armani white dress as she congratulated the big winners.

Speaking about her role at the 66th Annual Fest, Nicole shared, “I’m such a lover of film. I’m quite broad in what I consider to be good because I know what it takes to make a film and I know the motivations – when they’re pure I can tell. I’ll be judging on the purity of the motivations behind the filmmaking.” This year, “Blue is the Warmest Color” took home the coveted Palme d’Or for Best Film.