nadya suleman beach 060909

Taking advantage of the gorgeous holiday weekend weather,  Nadya Suleman took a few of her kids for some family fun with friends at San Clemente State Beach on Saturday (September 5).

According to a source on the scene, “Octomom was quick to jump right in and start building a sandcastle with one of her daughters before one of the boys ran up with a bucket full of water and washed away their sandcastle dreams.”

Making sure to keep her little ones in cheerful moods, Nadya consoled her little girl before getting right back to digging around in the sand.

In related news, it sounds as if Miss Suleman’s celebrity status wasn’t enough to get her into Michael Jackson’s burial service – as she received no response after writing a letter to Katherine Jackson asking for an invite.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Suleman penned a letter saying that she was MJ’s ‘’spiritual soul mate’’ and she needed to be at the funeral ‘’in order to give me closure.”