Mischa Barton reportedly left friendless because of her wild partying lifestyle

Apparently Mischa Barton was deserted by her friends because of her hectic partying lifestyle, which is believed to have contributed to the ‘OC’ actress being sectioned for her own good last Friday.

The 23-year-old star, placed under a psychiatric hold, meaning she could be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours for posing a threat either to herself or to others, has lost contact with her former friend, the socialite Nicole Richie over her erratic behaviour, according to reports.

It’s being suggested that her rebellious streak and lack of friends was part of the reason why the actress called police to her Hollywood home for medical assistance last Wednesday.

A source said:

“In the last few years, her dark side has really come out. Her friends, like Nicole, want to be supportive but they really can’t be around her too much. She’s too volatile. It makes us sad, but we’re also like, ‘Pull it together and get help already.'”


Barton was said to have been taken ill at a party back in 2007, which caused a rift between her and 28-year-old Richie, who is currently expecting her second child.

Another source added:

“Most of her Hollywood friends have distanced themselves from her since that party. After that happened, her friends thought it would be a wake-up call, but it wasn’t.”