Of the MANY who were extremely excited to see the racy nude pictures of Orlando Bloom that were released in early August, his ex, Miranda Kerr, was not one of them. The mother of his son had some choice words for Orlando, including ‘What were you thinking?’ Get the full scoop here!


“Oh my god, [Orlando Bloom] texted me saying, ‘I am really embarrassed, some photos are coming out. I just thought I should let you know,’” Miranda Kerr, 33, said to Australian radio hosts, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, on Aug. 31. “I was like, ‘hmm, right…What were you thinking? Seriously, what were you thinking?’… Obviously, he wasn’t.” And as much as we LOVED seeing the 39-year-old actor in full bloom, she has a point.

“I am going to send Orlando a pair of both [boardshorts and budgie smugglers] because you know he might like either of those…or none,” the mother of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s five-year-old son, Flynn, said, mentioning her Bonds line of swimwear. The model awkwardly laughed when Kyle mentioned 22-year-old Justin Bieber‘s nude pics, as Miranda was romantically linked to him too.

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“Bieber did a d**k pick of himself as well, and there was this feud going on. I thought there was going to be this long list of celebrities going to get out there with no pants on,” the host said. “I think Bonds should approach all these males who are doing the nude photos and immediately send them a pair of Bonds Swims. We will call it the ‘Put It Away’ campaign.” “Cover up man, put it away. Summer campaign, Bonds Put It Away,” Miranda joked back. Ha! We like it. But, we’re still not sure if we want Biebs and Orlando to actually cover up.

HollywoodLifers, if you were Miranda, would you have been mortified to see the father of her son naked in public? Let us know below!