Actress Milla Jovovich has vowed to steer clear of “bad boy” lovers – because she doesn’t want to romance anyone like her father. The “Resident Evil” star’s dad, Bogdan ‘Bogich’ Bogdanavich, was sent to prison for a health insurance fraud when the actress was a teenager. Jovovich grew closer to him when she visited him in jail, but his “playboy” nature made her wary of dating similar men.

The star, who is set to wed her filmmaker partner Paul W.S. Anderson later this month (Aug09), says, “My father, Bogich, was arrested and sent to prison when I was 15. He was a doctor and jailed for eight years for a health insurance fraud. Unfortunately he trusted the wrong people and they left him to rot. In the end he made a deal to get out, but the charges were never dropped. It’s still hard for my dad because he never felt vindicated. It was the most traumatic thing that had happened to me. I visited him a lot and we became closer as a result.

“My dad was a playboy, so I’ve made sure I stay away from bad boys. In the end I went for a man who could take care of me and my family. Paul is an incredible dad to our daughter, Ever – he’s not crazy or wild. What could be better? I have a talented, handsome, successful husband who adores me.”

Jovovich and Anderson have a 20-month-old daughter, Ever.