A Miley Cyrus stalker who had recently been arrested has been let go due to jail overcrowding. The folks over at Disney are nervous that Mark McLeod has been released and that his whereabouts are unknown. And judging from footage that the Daily News has of McLeod proclaiming his love for Miley awhile back at a book signing – and claiming that she communicates to him through secret messages – this is one guy that the prison wardens probably should have found some room for.

Studio executives are so nervous about McLeod being on the loose, that they have reportedly alerted the LAPD of his arrest and release in Georgia.

It was March when McLeod was captured on camera by the Daily News, saying hat he was Miley Cyrus’s, “No. 1 fan.” Said McLeod, “I’ve kinda been watching everything she does.” He added that he’d seen her in concert and couldn’t explain why they hadn’t connected there but that today was the day he was going to propose. We weren’t there, but from the fact that Miley Cyrus isn’t walking around humming with joy about one day soon being Miley Cyrus-McLeod, something tells us that everything didn’t go as planned for McLeod when he finally got inside to see Miley.

McLeod was arrested on June 22nd, on Tybee Island, Ga., close to where Cyrus was filming her upcoming film, “The Last Song.” He tried to head-butt one of the officers, and yelled, “F*ck you and your rules! I will [expletive] be with Miley!” He added that he had “thousands of pictures and letters to Miley on his computer” and that he’d mailed her diamond rings.

A police report explained, “McLeod stated that Cyrus’ responses came in the form of ‘secret messages’ on her television show directed only to him.”

At the time of his arrest, McLeod was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction and released the next day due to overcrowding. And it seems that now the Georgia police are wishing they’d had a bit more information. Chatham County, Ga., Sheriff Al St. Lawrence told WSAV-TV, “If we had heard something about this guy supposedly being a stalker… he wouldn’t have been released.”

That’s a pretty big oops.