Miley-Cyrus-080513spShe has come a long way from her days on Disney as Hannah Montana, and now Miley Cyrus wants to clear the air on people’s impressions of her.

Sitting down with Notion magazine, the “Party in the USA” songstress says that despite her new image, she works hard.






“People have this misconception of me that I’m just one of these kids on TV and that now I go off and party and I’m just this ratchet white girl, and I’m not,” she said. “I work really, really hard, I’m just in a different environment.”

She also spoke about her name, and how she once thought of dropping “Cyrus,” explaining, “I was thinking about dropping the Cyrus and just being Miley, but there’s something powerful about the fact that my name now is like a household name.”

Meanwhile, Miley’s latest single “We Can’t Stop” has been topping the charts around the world, and the video for the tune set a Vevo record for the fastest video to reach 100 million views.