miley-cyrus_dot_com-mtvtrl2006jun20-022She co-stars alongside her in the upcoming movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud,” and  Miley Cyrus is said to have taken to Facebook to defend  Demi Moore just as it has been revealed that the “Ghost” actress has checked into a Utah rehab facility.

According to RadarOnline, the former “Hannah Montana” star chastised the many reports surrounding Miss Moore, as she’s said to have written, “Everyone needs to leave Demi alone. She’s been through so much the past year. She doesn’t need the crap. How can you talk crap on someone you don’t know?”

Though there was no entry appearing on Miley’s Facebook page when checked by GossipCenter, the Radar story’s quote from the 19-year-old continued, “The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem ‘weak,’ stupid,’ or ‘unbalanced’ …Just because she’s in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!! Put yourself in her shoes. How are you supposed to hold up while everyone in the world is so naive and they believe everything the media says? Almost her entire life has been in the public eye.”

Though it doesn’t seem out of the question that Cyrus would stick up for her “LOL” co-star, a newer report from GossipCop tells that the quote was actually fabricated, as Miley’s rep is said to have commented on the posting by saying, “There’s no truth [to the RadarOnline report].”