You really have to hand it to Miley Cyrus….She definitely knows how to exploit her fanbase.

Nine months after offering her admirers the chance to turn their home into a free television studio (where, among other things, her brother’s band could be promoted), it looks like Miley is at it again; this time with a chance for one lucky fan to win a day of working for free.

According to the 16 year-old’s new Ebay page, the highest bidder will get the chance to work backstage at the concert date of their choosing, along with the honor of meeting Cyrus in person. But wait! There’s more! As if all that weren’t enough, the lucky slave winner will also receive a “personalized Miley fan kit.”

Currently up to $6,600, the auction also includes the chance for runners-up to win clothes Miley has worn in public and no longer wants. Those unable to bid more than, say, $100 will be able to enter for the chance at winning an autographed poster. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the the Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation.

In other words, time to break out that second mortgage, folks.