This is Mila Kunis making a red carpet appearance last night at the premiere of The Book of Eli. Mila is in the film, also starring Denzel Washington. I think Mila is wearing too much makeup and she looks tired, but Lainey thinks she’s getting scary skinny.


Now, Mila has always been a very small girl. She’s always been skinny, verging, in my opinion, on the “too skinny.” But I don’t really see a huge difference in last night’s red carpet appearance. Her collar bone looks slightly more prominent, and like I said, she looks tired. It could be that she’s been working really hard on Black Swan, and she was just having a bad night.

In a recent interview to Metro Canada, Mila talked about how much she enjoyed working with Denzel: “He’s a very powerful man. At this point in my career, I like to work with people that I admire and people I respect and can learn from, and an opportunity to work with Denzel Washington, you can’t really pass it up.” The film is one of those endless apocalypse movies, with Mila and Denzel both playing survivors of some sort of catastrophic event, and then Denzel must protect a “sacred book” and “fulfill his destiny.” Boring, yes? I liked it better when it was called The Stand, and I could read it.