b3b54d49e4cd9f70f62b454832c987Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan has admitted she thinks it’s time for her character to take a “break from boys”.

Her alter ego Tina McIntyre has found love with Graeme Proctor, but with actor Craig Gazey set to leave the soap later this year, it doesn’t seem like a happy ending is in store for the couple.

Speaking from the red carpet at the National Television Awards, Keegan said: “I think Tina needs to be on her own for a while – she just goes from one boyfriend to the next, doesn’t she?

“She needs a break from boys, and to work at the pub with Steve and Becky for a bit.”

Craig announced his departure from Coronation Street earlier this year, stating that he was ready for more diverse roles.

His last scenes are due to be filmed in May, and aired in July.

“I thought they were a really good match, so it’s really upsetting, I’m going to miss him,” Michelle added.

“But I think when someone wants to leave, obviously they’ve thought long and hard about it and obviously feel like they’ve made the right decision, so you just don’t get involved.”