Now this is just getting comical. Last week, an 11-year-old boy became the subject of media and public sympathy when he attempted to hand Megan Fox a rose at the “Transformers” London premiere…only to be completely ignored.

Photographs captured the snub, Megan Fox explained that she hadn’t seen him and that she felt horrible and Kodak offered to fly little Harvey Kindlon out to meet her and make things right with her. Which all sounds great, except that Harvey was flown out to New York on Friday to meet Fox, and then he didn’t get to meet her. Again. Next up, Megan Fox is probably going to have to offer to pay for Harvey’s therapy bills.

Harvey was scheduled to meet Megan Fox during her appearance on the “Today Show,” where she was set to be interviewed to promote “Transformers.” There was a change of plans though, and Fox was bumped from the program so that it could focus on Michael Jackson’s death. Megan swiftly got the heck out of New York and flew back to Los Angeles.

We’re sure there’s going to be a part three to this horrible saga, but if we were Harvey, we’d reject whatever offer came our way. Sure, maybe right now it would seem like a mistake – after all, this is Megan Fox we’re talking about, and who cares if it takes three chances to meet her, right? But on the other hand, in years to come, we really think that Harvey would relish the opportunity to tell friends the story of the time that Megan Fox blew it with him, and he ultimately said “Thanks but no thanks, lady.”

That sure seems more rewarding to us than being dragged across the world for a photo-op while everyone coos at you, and you know the woman you’re taking the photo with kind of just feels sorry for you.

Then again, if Fox offers to kiss him, ignore everything we just said, and go for it, Harvey. Who cares about your pride? This is Megan Fox we’re talking about!