In case you forgot (because she is banging Shia LaBeouf) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are together and going strong. She headed to Vegas this past Sunday morning to meet Brian at the Palazzo for a date. From a source:

“Megan and Brian are definitely together. They call each other baby and are just so cute together. I don’t think they ever really broke up,” says the insider. “They’re so comfortable and ridiculously cute. In the elevator Megan put on chapstick with her finger and then put the rest from her finger on his lips. They seem so happy together and so in love.”

Ahhh! Yes. Chapstick – the fabric of love. I remember last time I thought I met “the one” was when she put her chapstick on my mouth. I immediately called moms and told her what’s up. You know, come to think of it, Shia’s lips looked pretty glossy the other night. Hmm.