What’s the matter Megan Fox, too busy looking smoking hot to notice the desperate young fan trying to give you a rose? Megan Fox has apologized for ignoring a fan that tried to hand her a rose as she left the June 15th premiere of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” in London. So maybe Fox was too caught up with herself at the moment to notice the fan with the flower, but at least she has a heart about it.

Shortly after the premiere, photos surfaced of the young Fox fan, desperately attempting to hand Megan Fox a rose. Fox claims she didn’t even see the kid. Speaking to, Fox explained, “There were, like, 80 million people everywhere. It’s dark, all I see are flashes. Everyone’s yelling different things… and I didn’t know that was happening.”

Jeez. First Fox snubs this kid, then she brags to the press about how popular she is? (Just kidding. We actually totally believe her.)

Fox continued by saying, “I feel so sad for him. That’s so terrible. That kills me.” Fox even recorded a personal apology for the boy, and promised to make things right. Said Fox to the broken-hearted rose owner, “I’m sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you, and I would gladly accept your rose if I see you again.”