You’ve probably had time to mourn the fact that Mark Ballas is off the market, and you’re ready to move on to the stalking his fiancee, BC Jean. Luckily for you, Hollywood has got the scoop on the love of his life!

BC Jean Mark

BC Jean, 29, is one special lady! Not only because she is engaged to Dancing with the Stars alum and resident hottie, Mark Ballas, 29, but she’s also got one heck of a music career to boast. You’ll never guess her amazing connection to Beyoncé! This singer-songwriter is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and we’ve got five things you need to know about her!

1. BC Jean isn’t her real name

While it’s a super cute name, sadly, it isn’t her given name. Well, sort of. She was born Brittany Jean Carlson, and you guessed it! Shortened it to the now adorable BC Jean.

2. Wrote a hit song for Beyoncé

Yes, she is the mastermind behind one of Queen Bey’s greatest hits. “If I Were A Boy” was penned by the blonde bombshell, and may be her most well-known songwriting achievement to date. As it should be, because the song is genius!

3. She is also an actress

She dabbled in acting a little bit in 2011 when she starred in 16 episodes of the web series The Talent Show. Her character, Harper Walker, was a musician who came to Los Angeles in search of fame. So basically art imitating life for BC!

4. Comes from a family of musicians

Both of her grandparents were in the music industry and signed to RCA Records, so she’s no stranger to the industry! Which probably explains how she was able to make it so long with so many unique reinvention of her music!

5. She is one half of the indie duo Alexander Jean

The other half is her doting fiance Mark! Aw! The two joined forces to create the indie musical group Alexander Jean. Why Alexander Jean you ask? Well, it’s a combination of both of their middle names, and it just happens to be the cutest indie group duo name ever. Mark is in charge of the guitar, songwriting, and producing, while BC lays her beautiful vocals and songwriting skills out on each track. They are the cutest couple ever!

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