Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has given Eminem a taste of his own medicine and it is…kind of silly? For the new video for her song “Obsessed,” Mariah Carey dresses in drag as Eminem. It was already known that a portion of the song was devoted to fighting back at Eminem, who called Carey out in “Bagpipes From Baghdad.” He referred to a relationship she denies they ever had, and told her husband, Nick Cannon, he’d better “back the f*ck up. I’m not playing, I want her back.”

In Mariah Carey’s world, that clearly meant it was definitely time to dress the f*ck up.

Carey was photographed in New York City, shooting the video dressed as Eminem. In the photographs, Mariah is sporting an oversized white T-shirt and hoodie, baggy white pants, white sneakers, and of course, a hat under her hood. She also sports a dark beard. You can’t say that the woman isn’t putting vanity aside for the sake of keeping an annoying feud alive.

In lyrics targeted at the rapper, in “Obsessed,” Mariah Carey sings, “Why are you obsessed with me/lying that you’re sexing me?” She also alludes to how much more famous she is than Eminem, and sings about how maybe his drug problem has left him confused with the nature of their relationship.

Being that Eminem has always behaved like the pinnacle of maturity and has never been one to perpetuate a feud, we’re sure that now that both Eminem and Mariah Carey have had their say, this disagreement between the two of them will fade into the distance.

Yeah, right. This is most definitely not over, and unfortunately, we’re sure that Eminem’s drag performances as Mariah Carey are only going to get less and less appealing. Remember when Eminem was being quiet for a couple of years? That wasn’t such a bad thing…