In her new song “Obsessed,” Mariah Carey hits back at Eminem for

rapping about her in his song “Bagpipes From Baghdad.” In the rap,

Eminem says, “Mariah whatever happened to us. Why did we ever have to

break-up? Nick Cannon, you better back the f*ck up. I’m not playing, I

want her back, you punk..I wish you luck with that… wh*re”

Well, Mariah apparently decided not to take this lying down.

Great, we were hoping that Eminem’s rap would launch a “song feud.” (Do

you think Eminem and Mariah Carey know this is lame or do you think

they’re too close to the whole thing?)

“Obsessed” is the first single off Mariah’s new album, “Memoirs of an

Imperfect Angel,” which is set to drop August 25th. In the song, Maria

sings, “Why are you so obsessed with me/ Boy I wanna know/ Lying that

you’re sexing me/ When everybody knows/ It’s clear that you’re obsessed

with me.” Just in case she hasn’t caused Eminem to weep from those

lyrics alone, Carey adds, “You’re delusional. Boy, you’re losing your

mind…You’re a mom-and-pop, I’m a corporation.”

Oh no she didn’t! Denying their hook-up is one thing but calling Eminem

out over the fact that she’s a bigger “corporation” than him? Mariah

Carey has really hit Eminem where it hurts.

Carey also comments on Eminem’s drug problems in the song, singing, “It

must be the weed, it must be the E/ ‘Cause you be poppin’, you get it


Well, this is sure to keep this feud popping. We have no doubt that

Eminem will be retaliating shortly. After all, letting this go would

take a certain amount of maturity and perspective about what is truly

important in life…and we have a feeling that to Eminem, what’s

important is showing the world that he can diss Mariah Carey better

than she can diss him…in a song.