The event, which included the renewal of a couple’s vows to publicise a new reality wedding show, left the Britain’s Next Top Model presenter somewhat cold.

“I don’t have a clue who these people are,” she told Mandrake. “I would never sell pictures of my wedding or put it on television. I’m quite a private person and I don’t think it would feel right. Of course you never know. Perhaps I’ll consider a live birth in future.”

Snowdon, 38, who once dated George Clooney and has recently described herself as “very single”, will presumably need to find a new boyfriend first.

Discord on Twitter for Alexander Armstrong

Axed from the lucrative Pimms advertisements because his tweed-jacketed character was deemed too posh, Alexander Armstrong proves he has little in common with some sections of the general public.

Armstrong has been abused by Twitter users for his love of classical music. The comedian, 38, explains: “I mentioned on Twitter that I’d been to a cello recital and got such an almighty shoeing for it in my message box that I couldn’t help wondering how classical music came to provoke such animosity.”

In a musical call to arms in Radio Times he adds: “Only by wilfully resisting this instinct can it be overcome. Start listening to the Proms.

John Bercow intrigue

While it is customary that the main political parties do not contest the Speaker’s seat local Tories in John Bercow’s constituency in Buckingham have been discussing the possibility of putting forward an independent candidate against him, Mandrake hears.

Less than a month after Bercow’s appointment no decision appears to have been reached, but Margaret Aston, a councillor for Haddenham, who confirmed she heard a meeting had taken place, tells me: “I’m keeping my head down on this one.” Adding to the intrigue a spokesman for the Buckingham Conservative Association said: “I don’t want to give anything away that I can’t give away.”