Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any stranger, it does – and once again it’s all thanks to former Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton.

For reasons unknown to anyone but themselves, Lisa, 48 and Big Brother 2016 housemate Andy West decided to go on a ‘fun date’ together in central London last night.

Both dared each other to do a list of nonsensical things, including supplying each other’s clothes for the date (hence Lisa’s bra, which Andy picked for the occasion) and so obviously she got changed in a phonebox.


Other highlights of Lisa’s night out included flashing, talking dirty to Santa, chatting up a policeman at 10 Downing Street and trying to hoodwink tourists into thinking she was Kate Middleton. Bet that went convincingly well.

So far this year, Lisa’s outdone herself by playing the lead role in the following situations: rolling around in the sea , riding a bicycle in her bra , straddling a mop , straddling her (now ex) boyfriend Paul on a park bench, taking out the bin in her underwear, doing pretend sex moves in a boxing ring, seductively been fed sausages , and the jewel in her activity crown, being attacked by a seagull covering her in cream after a beachfront workout got ditched for a cream bun, later liberated by the bird.

Even Lisa herself admits her behaviour is utterly ridiculous. “My behaviour has been over the top and I’ve also had a blow out – I’ve ate and drunk too much,” she told The Sun . “I feel like I’ve been let out of a cage. I am just starting to live again. i know I have upset a lot of people by rolling around on the beach.

“Loads of people are saying I am having a mid life crisis, or it’s embarrassing. I am sorry for upsetting people, but it is my way of coming out of severe depression.

“This over the top behaviour rolling around on the beach is like healing. I feel free and liberated because I felt trapped for so many years