Everyone knows that Rihanna is a tattoo trendsetter.

Just ask Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen. (Or on second thought, don’t.)

But last night three lucky people at New York City’s East Side Ink got brand-new tattoos inked by the “Umbrella” singer herself.

“She came by to hang out with us and her regular tattoo artist Bang Bang,” says East Side Ink owner Yadira. “He decided he wanted to get a tattoo from her, and then two of the other artists decided they wanted to get one as well.”

Riri gave her buddy and the other artists one of her signature signs.

“She tattooed us for a change,” says Yadira. “It’s a little umbrella with a capital R underneath it. The second and third had a number two and a number three next to it.”

But according to the NYC Health Department, tattooing without a license is illegal.

“Only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City’s Health Code,” says spokeswoman Erin Brady.

Still, Yadira says it’s only illegal if she is making a profit. And as for Rihanna facing any legal drama, an NYPD spokeswoman tells E! News. “Someone would have to make a complaint. There’s been none that we know of.”

Who would complain? Most people—and probably even Lindsay—would love such a unique souvenir.