‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan has caused her father, Michael, so much worry over her excessive drinking that he has urged her to seek professional help.

Michael believes that his daughter’s dependence on alcohol was brought about by her split from her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson earlier this year, and that the actress is heading for trouble again.

“She’s out there drinking and partying and she should not be doing that. People see her drinking. She should stay away from it,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“With the drugs, I think she’s in a much better place than she used to be. But I have a problem with her being even on prescription medication,” he said.

Lohan has also agreed with U.S. TV doctor Drew Pinsky, who had said that the actress needed to suffer a “mortal wound” to shake her into sobering up.

“Dr. Drew has what it takes to help anyone that has any kind of problem. It doesn’t have to be drugs, it doesn’t have to be alcohol, it can be any kind of emotional or psychological problem,” he added.