Courtesy of Twitter and Perez Hilton, it seems Lindsay Lohan is now officially attached to “Sin City” director Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming feature, “Machete.” For those who missed the film’s 2007 “Grindhouse” trailer, here’s what you have to look forward to (Warning: The trailer features nudity and is definitely NSFW).

And while Lindsay – according to IMDB – is still only “rumored” for a role in the film (along with Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill and Michelle Rodriguez), a tweet sent by Lohan on Friday confirms her involvment in the project….to some degree at least. Writing “Something was made official today!!!!!!!!!” Lindsay then linked to the film’s IMDB page. Again, while nothing’s been made officially official yet, Lindsay’s most likely role in the film would seem to be that of daughter to the villian, portrayed in the “Grindhouse” clip by Jeff Fahey.