Dina Lohan is speaking out in defense of daughter Lindsay Lohan, who was recently accused of stealing 400,000 dollars worth of jewels. Sure, Elle, who orchestrated the photo shoot in which Lindsay wore the jewels, has already released a statement saying they don’t think Lindsay’s behind the crime. So what? Dina Lohan has a chance to talk to the media about something, and she’s surely not going to let it pass her by.

Speaking to People magazine, Dina said that to accuse Lindsay of being behind the jewel heist is “defamatory, false and unfair.” It’s important to remember that Lindsay is one of twenty people that’s being questioned over the missing jewels, and has never even been named a suspect in the case…but still. Defamatory!

Dina also spoke about how unlucky her daughter is when it comes to keeping her private information private. Said Dina, “Last month her personal cell was posted online and now her phone messages have been hacked. This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace. The tabloids need to leave her alone with all the lies and reporting with no proof.”

If Dina wants the tabloids to leave her daughter alone, Dina should probably explain to her daughter not to post topless photos of herself on her Twitter account and tag famous celebrity bloggers and reporters in the photos. Because when Lindsay asks for attention, nobody feels bad for her when she gets it.

And always one to make it sound like Lindsay does nothing but lounge around all day being a regular girl, Dina Lohan added, “Lindsay has been home with me and her family for awhile now, celebrating her little brother [Cody’s] confirmation and his 13th birthday.”

Dina, you’re not fooling anybody except maybe yourself…and you’re probably keeping your daughter from realizing she’s insane….can you say enabler?”