As casting for one of her love interests in her latest project “Priest” gets underway, Lily Collins has opened up about the potential Simon and what it’ll mean for the movie.

The 22-year-old told MTV this of the so-far vacant role, “Well, Simon is very much kind of the boy next door and he grows into a young man and obviously somewhat of a creature, as well. He’s very intellectual, smart, edgy. He’s more of the alternative guy. He’s also very vulnerable in the sense that Jace is, but I think he’s less confident with girls and with his looks and with himself.”

Lily continued, “But that makes his journey all that much more exciting because he grows into his own in a different way than Jace does. But again, even physically they look very different and they have very different personalities and they’re from very different worlds.”

With video of the interview below, Collins finished by saying, “It’s going to be interesting to see the parallels that they can play between the two characters as well as contrasting them enough.”