As she prepared to rock the crowds at Glastonbury, it was just another week in Lily Allen’s roller coaster life. On Monday, she’d had a meal with ex Seb Chew at Nobu in Mayfair. The following night, she crammed in an exclusive party in Notting Hill, where she hobnobbed with the likes of David Walliams and Jemima Goldsmith before finally hitting the festival.

But friends and family say that Lily’s becoming more and more out of reach as she gets lost in the showbiz circus. And some are even afraid that her party lifestyle could wreck her career as well as her relationships.

One tells Now: ‘She spends so much time around the celebrity jet set, people like Kate Moss. Some of us think she’s turning into the ultimate party animal, which could leave her career in tatters.

‘She seems really tense when she’s out, as if she can’t really enjoy herself because she’s so paranoid about what people are saying about her. Much of her life is spent just rattling around hotel rooms.

‘There are plenty of old friends she doesn’t see any more, yet she still complains that her life is a series of lonely moments spent waiting for the next gig, interview or plane journey. It’s really taking its toll on her.’

While Lily communicates voraciously with her fans through Twitter, family often find her hard to reach because of the number of agents and assistants that surround her. Another friend says: ‘Lily admits she’s become more distant now because of her huge entourage, but I think she comforts herself by saying it won’t be for ever.

‘She sees herself as having five years max as a singer, then she’s adamant she’ll turn to acting. Maybe that’s her way of telling herself that this circus will come to an end at some point.’

It seems that Lily’s no closer to finding the warm, loving relationship she craves. ‘She says she’d like to find an older man outside the showbiz circuit, but she’s realistic that it’s more likely to be someone famous as they’re the only ones who can deal with the attention,’ her friend continues. ‘She longs for a lasting romance. Trouble is, she’s on the road ’til December, so there’s no stability on the horizon.’